The Creative Work of Cortney L. Haley

"I am content being called artist. My work is diverse, spanning different mediums including painting, environmental sculpture installations, video, photography, and jewelry design. Each medium presents challenges and opportunities for artistic expansion. I feel no compulsion to limit my work to just one medium. In fact, I am most energized when different mediums blend and influence each other. This is a direct reflection of the way I live in the world, constantly seeing connection, contrast, and color. Beyond politics, religion, culture, and war you find people ? diverse, complex, profound, lovely, distorted people. Some time ago, I realized that making peace in the world isn't really that hard. Each person can make peace in their heart, their home, their community, and thereby their world. The myth of redemptive violence is powerful in our culture. People must decide for themselves whether to follow the myth. Making art is my peaceful action in opposition to the myth of redemptive violence."